Thursday, April 24, 2014

Print Portfolio (04/25/14)

On my MUST DO NOW list of things to do this weekend was to decide on 10-12 items to put into my print portfolio. I am hoping that next week Professor Hastings will help me weed them out and choose my strongest pieces.  I needed some ideas of how to go about this process, since my favorite items are my animations and 3D models. How do I represent them in a printed portfolio? Professor Hastings suggested that I make a storyboard with them and that is what I did.  

But before I started I  went online and tried to get some  further ideas. In my research I came across something I found interesting. On No Plastic, I found an article titled “A Portfolio Book for the 21st Century”. In the article, Melissa Hennessey of Hennessey Represents, spoke about a member of her group, Sean Busher, who incorporated an ipad in his print portfolio. This allowed Busher to show his print work as well as his motion work without including a DVD or website url. The app was easily navigated and opens right up to his work. He also arranged it so that the  app was on the 1st page of the ipad and was the only app on the page. The structure of the portfolio/box was such that it had his print work as well as a spot for the ipad. It was quick and easy for the prospective client/employer to see not only his printed work but his motion work as well. I would also imagine that the ingenuity of his portfolio made a big impression. As of the time of the article, Sean Busher had not had to mail his portfolio ipad out to anyone, however the structure of the portfolio would allow for shipping. Melissa Hennessey stated that if they did have to mail it, they would just hope for the best that the ipad would be returned.

This to me was interesting simply because people continue to think of different ways to get their work noticed. Time is big factor. You want to show your work and impress your audience knowing that your audience has little time to give you. The newest technology available seems to be the way to go. DVD’s are no longer the standard way of showcasing a designers motion work, as websites became a more popular format. But I would bet that the idea of incorporating ipads or other tablets into portfolios will soon become the norm. Mailing the ipad seems risky and expensive, but who knows maybe someone will invent a cheaper, disposable tablet that can be used just for this purpose. Until then, I would consider using the print portfolio incorporated with the ipad for in person visits only.

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